Monday, 15 October 2018

Spookathon TBR!

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Spookathon is a week long readathon hosted by Lala from BooksandLala. It begins today, October 15 and runs until 21st October. The aim is to read anything that is spooky. There are optional challenges and you can do as many as you like. I don't expect to read all of these books but I thought it would be fun to create a TBR anyway!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Relaxing: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Not every day is the same. Some days can be fun and cosy, like sitting on a great big sofa. And other days feel like being thrown at a giant cactus. Whether you’re going through a hectic project at work or you’re struggling with a complicated relationship at home, bad days happen to everyone. Stress is, unfortunately, a natural part of your day. As a result, most people have come up with their own coping mechanisms to escape stress. And thankfully, there are plenty of options for you to leave behind your worries and help your mind to relax. However, relaxing doesn’t come without risk. There is a healthy balance to maintain, namely relaxing is important, but not as much as learning how to manage your stress effectively. Here’s a little overview of how relaxing can sometimes put your health at risk.

The Ugly: When convivial de-stressing creates a bad habit
A major part of the active population in Britain chooses to go for a drink at the end of the workday as a way to relax. That’s what happy hours are about! However, as they develop a higher tolerance for alcohol, they may not always notice that they fall into the trap of increasing their intake. In fact, you might want to take advance of the Go Sober campaign for October to change your habits before you need guidance from a rehab clinic to gain back control. Ultimately, too much alcohol can affect your liver and mind dramatically without reducing your stress levels.
The Bad: Evacuate the stress can make you forget about problem-solving
Ultimately, relaxing the mind is not easy for everyone. But if you think of how a stressful situation affects your body, you can find an alternative approach. Stress creates tensions and pains that you can feel for days after the event. Consequently, for a lot of experts, a sports activity can offer the escape you need and turn pressure into energy. The key here is to drain your body of its tensions to be able to recharge your mind. It doesn’t erase the situation that is causing you stress – in the long term you need to tackle the issue at its source if you want to improve your day-to-day life.
The Good: Creativity offers a refreshing escape
Chronic stress – the result of long exposure to stress –  can lead to anxiety and panic disorders. Let’s be honest; it is not the kind of thing that disappears when you go for a jog. Anxiety is like a cogwheel in your mind that, for no valid reason, suddenly begins to turn slightly out of sync. You can’t always control it. However, turning it into a positive force, through creativity – read Hannah’s testimony to find out more – can help you to navigate through the troubled waters of high stress and anxiety. Being creative lets you build a bubble of peace that stops negative thoughts from damaging you.

How do you escape stress in your everyday life? You don’t. But you can create little moments of peace to help you relax and gain the strength you need to tackle each problem. Indeed, while stress is a regular occurrence, the risk of developing effective coping strategies is that you might never solve the issues that created your stress in the first place.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Double Double Toil Blog Tour!

When Amber Elby asked if I would like to participate in the blog tour for the second book in her trilogy based on Shakespearian lore, I was so excited! She has put together a blog tour where on each stop, a new page of the book will be unveiled and there are also little interview sections at each stop. For October 7, we will be looking at page 7 of Double Double Toil and Amber Elby's favourite places to travel! You can check out the first book here.

Six months after the events of Cauldron’s Bubble...
Alda is stranded in her remote cottage, unable to recreate the magical object that allows her to travel between time and place. Meanwhile, Dreng’s home with Miranda on a distant island begins to crumble. They both escape to Fairy Land, where they become embroiled in a battle of immortals as the clans of Queen Titania and King Oberon fight for supremacy. In order to restore order and return to their worlds, Dreng must rely on his adversary, Caliban, while Alda discovers an ally in the mysterious Ophelia. In a realm where only humans can die, will Alda and Dreng save themselves and, more importantly, each other? Or will they succumb to the fantastical powers in play?
Double Double Toil continues to build on the world introduced in Cauldron’s Bubble by intertwining Shakespeare’s plays in a unique and exciting way, introducing their stories to new readers and established Bard fans alike. Elements and characters from Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet combine in this fast-paced tale of magic and adventure. Read on…

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Appreciating Yourself Just A Little More

Are you someone who always smiles when you look in the mirror? Maybe not, but you at least have something good to think whilst you’re there, right? Maybe you’re someone who can always be proud of what you achieved, because you know you’ve tried your best in whatever you’ve set your mind to, and you can look back with a sense of accomplishment?

But if you can’t do any of those things, then now’s the time to change your habits. You always need to appreciate yourself, no matter who you are or what you do, and you need to be strong enough to meet your own eyes in the mirror every day with a little bit of kindness! So with all that in mind, here’s a couple favourite tips for making sure you’re loving yourself in the best way possible.

This message is for you from you!(Image)
Share the Love a Little More
When you share your love with other people, you open yourself up to easier ways of expressing your emotions, especially when it comes to appreciating yourself. And because of that, practicing your words and actions on other people might just be the most practical way of faking it until you make it - seeing as you’re coming across so confident and loving, you might just trick yourself into actually believing it…