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Lucy Turns Pages: I joined a book club and why you should too

I joined a book club and why you should too

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Book clubs are certainly not new, in fact the one that I joined has been running for a very long time indeed but I had never been a member of one before. I had thought about it but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Book clubs can be physical or virtual. I have a Goodreads account and there are book clubs in the groups section but I had never found it motivating enough to actually read the group read, there simply was not enough accountability. I have anxiety and it was suggested that I try some things outside of my comfort zone, such as joining a book club! So again, I looked into book clubs and decided that I was going to go to just one meeting and see what I find. Here are the positives that I have found:
           1. You get to read outside of your comfort zone:

I love books, I love reading and I love writing. To improve your writing skills it is always recommended to read more, and not just in one genre but across different genres and different topics. In joining a book club, I have found that the group picks are completely out of my usual choice of books and do you know what? It’s great! I started reading the first one, one I had never heard of and was not sure what to expect and I found that I actually enjoyed the writing style and the story intrigued me. If I had not joined the book club I would not have started to discover books that I ordinarily would not have picked up.

2.       You get to meet new people:

A variety of people join book clubs, whether that is online, with friends or in your local community. Yes, even in a friendship group, one friend could invite another friend or family member that you have not met before or do not know very well. Why is it beneficial to meet new people? Because they bring different experiences, perspectives and opinions, not just on books but on life! As a creative and analytical mind, I often find that just one thing that a person says (whether online or off), can spark something: a resolution or an idea that can really impact my life. Not to mention, if you are a writer, you can gain knowledge of how different people speak and more life experiences that will benefit your writing. Additionally, it just makes you feel good to meet nice people. If you try it and you don’t like the members, perhaps try another one or start one of your own. There are so many people that like books and having just that one thing in common is a wonderful thing.

3. It gives you motivation to finish a book:

I had been experiencing a reading slump. I kept picking up books, starting them and then wanting to pick up something else. With a book club, you have accountability: you need to at least try to finish the book for your next meeting. This not only pushed me to read the group pick but to also pick up
 other books during that time too.

After attending just one meeting, I am so glad that I did. I met new, different people, I started reading a book that I would not ordinarily pick up and I am excited to try each new pick, even if it is something I did not like, I can still learn from that. Furthermore, I am reading! Reading fills my soul and writing uses that essence. I am exploring new worlds, learning about new styles of writing and discovering new characters and that is always magical.

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