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Lucy Turns Pages: My Stomach Hurts: Living with IBS

My Stomach Hurts: Living with IBS

Alongside my mental health conditions, I also have IBS. IBS is a digestive condition which can be related to anxiety and depression. It can also be caused by eating certain foods that your body does not agree with, these are called triggers. IBS produces a variety of symptoms, including stomach pain. There are times when IBS symptoms can become worse, these are called flares. My IBS can flare when I’m stressed or anxious. I wanted to talk about this because lately my stomach has been hurting a lot. If you have any symptoms, please visit your doctor.

Sometimes, it feels like having a constant stomach bug. Other times, like continuous cramps. I don’t always have symptoms but I do usually get them after meals, especially dinner and when I’m trying to sleep. When I flare, I can feel ill all of the time, or most of it.

Feeling ill makes it difficult to do things sometimes. It makes me anxious about eating out in case I get symptoms. I have to take painkillers and IBS medication with me when I go out to see friends. Sometimes, it’s fine and does not really bother me. Other times, it’s just horrible. However, I know that there are worse things and I love my life, I feel very grateful for everything I have and I know that not feeling very well will pass. I know that if I keep doing things that make me anxious and try to work on improving my mental health, things will get better, even if I feel 1% better for a little while, it will still be worth it.

My current mental health plan is to try to get into exercising more regularly and I will be posting updates on here about my progress. I am also trying to relax more and that includes blogging, potentially as a job. I am so glad that I started this blog and I am so thankful for all of the interaction that I have received from other people so far.

Do you have IBS? How do you deal with it?


  1. I have IBS and it's awful. Have you been tested for any food allergies or intoleraces? My symptoms improved a lot after discovering I was gluten intolerant. I also have to minimise my dairy intake and certain veggies.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been tested for everything in the past, I'm going to try going lactose free for a while as I think that might be triggering but it is so difficult to work out food triggers alongside mental health ones. I avoid certain veggies too!