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Lucy Turns Pages: Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder Book Review

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder Book Review

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Trigger Warnings: abuse, rape, torture, murder

Poison Study follows Yelena, who is awaiting execution after killing a man. However, she is given the opportunity to become the poison taster for the commander, who is in charge of the country. I do not want to tell you too much of the plot because I loved unravelling it myself. This book features action, betrayal, heartbreak, magic, friendship, love, court politics and independence. If you love fantasy/action and romance, you need to read this book.

The only negative comments I have are that the chapters were quite long and that sometimes I had worked out what was happening and I was shouting at the characters to work it out and do something. However, I am now thankful that the chapters were so long because there were so many strands to this story and Maria V. Snyder built them up perfectly to overlap at the right time.

I love the main characters, they were each developed well, with their own different personalities and their pasts revealed at appropriate points. Yelena’s story was so interesting, in fact, it was multi-faceted. There was the past that led to her imprisonment, training to be a food tester, her skills, mysteries to be solved and how she approached different characters. She analysed people and soon began to learn about tactics. Even the extended cast of characters were interesting and it was great to find out more about them.

During the first half of this book, I was reminded of The Hunger Games. However, the rest of the book, and the book as a whole was unlike anything I have ever read. It combined everything you could wish for in a fantasy and I read the entire second half in one day. I audibly commented as I read and became excited/ wanted to cry at different points. I think that this book has become my favourite book and I would like to recommend it to anyone I meet. Maria V. Snyder, in this book, was an expert at creating interesting and loveable characters and despite a couple of obvious plot points, she surprised me with different characters and their own histories. This book made me feel so many different emotions and it made me want to keep reading the series. I did not want this book to end and I cannot wait to read the next one. I hope that the rest of the series is as excellent as this book. I am ready to devour all of Maria V. Snyder’s writings and I thank her for writing these characters into existence.

Rating: 5/5 stars (Although I wish that I could rate it even higher)

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