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Lucy Turns Pages: Deciding what to do with your life

Deciding what to do with your life

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Finding what you want to spend your time doing- both for a career and for your free time, is something that can be really difficult to do. You may feel lost or you may have an idea. However, this idea can change as you grow older and that is okay. Even if you feel lost now, don’t worry, you will find your way. Here are some tips that may help:

What do you already enjoy? I have a passion for books, I love writing and reading and so it seems natural for me to hope for a career in this industry. You can always think of subjects that you enjoyed at school or people that you look up to.

What jobs stand out to you? It is okay to try different jobs, take work experience or internships or temporary jobs. Research related careers on job websites. For UK graduates, I would recommend Prospects.
For a long time I have wanted to be a published author and after starting this blog I have found that I really enjoy blogging and I would love to blog as a career too. I have so many different interests and I often feel lost about finding a ‘traditional career’ but, and here is the best advice I can think of, listen to your gut. My gut says that it wants to take this risk to keep writing and keep interacting on social media, to go for my dreams, no matter how unlikely they may seem to be. This is what I love, this is what makes me happy and this is what makes me excited to ‘work’. It doesn’t even feel like work because this is what I am passionate about. So, go with your gut. Even if everyone else thinks that you should focus on a more secure career, if you have a dream, listen to your heart because that is the most important one on this journey.

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