My Goals Going Forward

In my last post, I discussed what I had learnt from having no internet for 48 hours. In this post, I am going to go more in depth on what I learnt about my goals during this time.

1.       I want to keep blogging

This was an obvious one. Of course, I want to keep blogging! I love blogging and I hope to continue to grow this website.

2.       I want to keep making progress in my creative writing

I have been in a writing slump for a while. I kept feeling like I had no inspiration and I wouldn’t really be able to write until I can travel one day and soak up new inspiration. Reading hadn’t been helping me to write and no matter how long I left it, my muse was not returning. However, during my time without internet, I remembered how much I want to share my worlds with, well, the world. I have always wanted to help people with my writing and that has not changed. I want to create the characters and worlds that are roaming around inside me and release them to be enjoyed by others. Although I am still struggling with writing, I have decided to keep working on one project at a time. I am going to keep editing my book, Through the Portal, until I get to where I need to write more and then I will write new chapters. Even if I do this slowly, I still want to be making progress to finish this book and help find out what happens to the characters. It may take me a long time to write a book but I also really want to help people with my blog!

3.       I want to make stickers

I recently started making original designs with my drawing tablet and I find it relaxing and that it makes me feel good about myself. I want to make more designs and sell stickers.

I will be opening a sticker shop shortly so subscribe to my blog to find out when it is live!

4.       I want to spend more time taking care of my mental health

I started going to a gym to feel better physically and mentally. So far I have found that I do feel better in myself for going. I can’t quite define the results for my mental health because I feel that a mix of exercise and doing what I love; blogging, has helped my mental health. However, there is still more that I can do to look after myself. Spending time just listening to music and writing or drawing felt so good. I want to do this more. No distractions, just life.

5.       I really want to travel more

I don’t expect this to happen for a while but one day I would love to travel to different  places and blog about them.

What are your goals?

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