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Lucy Turns Pages: Why You Should Never Give Up Learning As An Adult

Why You Should Never Give Up Learning As An Adult

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You may have thought your learning days were behind you. The minute you walked through those school gates as a teenager, celebrating the possibility that you may never have to look another teacher in the face again, you probably thought you had learned all you need to. Well, from a textbook anyway. We all learn something new about ourselves every day; it's all part of growing up and learning from experiences, so we are never too far removed from learning something.

But it's still important to pursue learning, whether that's going back to school, browsing the internet to expand our knowledge beyond the info we gain from our friends on Facebook, or picking up a book or two from the local store or library. Despite the everyday learning we all go through as adults - there are reasons why you should make the effort to tantalise your brain.

By continuing learning, you will…

Climb the career ladder. There are many courses available online and off that can improve your employability. Why stay stuck on the bottom rungs of employment when a few extra qualifications can help you climb to positions you may only have dreamed about otherwise, with the higher-paid salaries that come with them.

Become more interesting. Don't be that person who has nothing interesting to say at a party. You can only go so far with your usual repartee, and when you eventually run out of things to say, people will move on to somebody else while you're stuck in a corner of the room wishing you had more to say to captivate the people around you. If you continue learning, you will. By staying up to date on topical subjects, you will have the ability to engage others. By learning a few facts, you will impress others with your knowledge. You will instantly become more interesting because the words coming out of your mouth are.. well... interesting!

Be able to help your kids. If you're a parent, you will never escape the rigours of homework, because your children will invariably need your help. But if they come to you and you genuinely don't know what to do to help them, then you will feel inadequate. And your kids will be frustrated too! Therefore, find out what your kids are learning in their curriculum, and do your own homework to improve your knowledge. Pick up the textbooks your kids are using. Volunteer in the classroom or on those NST- organised school trips. Stay up to date with their learning, and not only will you give them a boost in the classroom, but you will give yourself an extra boost of knowledge as well.

Stop the aging process. You know how you use all of those beauty products to keep your skin looking youthful? Well, by continuing learning, you can do the same for your brain. Research suggests we can stay mentally young by stimulating the brain. From the continual learning of new skills and becoming wiser academically, we reduce the risk of memory loss and all of those other mental impairments that occur when we grow older. Out of all the reasons on this short list, this has to be the most important of them all.

Your learning days are not behind you. There are still reasons why you should expand your mind. So, rather than fill this week with activities that may be considered mind-numbing, make the decision to do something that will stimulate your mind instead. You know it makes sense!

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