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Lucy Turns Pages: 4 Spiritual Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

4 Spiritual Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

When it comes to your mental health, you may feel like you’ve got self-care covered. And yes, self-care is keeping your body clean and healthy, and it may be applying a facemask some days. However, embracing the spiritual could bring you one step closer to finding your true and happy self, and if that’s true, then we think it’s worth a try. Even if you currently think it’s all made-up fluffy stuff, it has actually been linked to good mental health and a strong sense of self. So, here are four ways to give it a go.

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1. Meditation

Meditation is really good for your mental health, even if you think that it sounds a bit cliche. Taking some time out to think about what has really happened in your day - what you’re happy about, and what you want to change going into tomorrow - will keep you in touch with your inner sense of self, and focused upon the little goals that you’ve set for yourself. Headspace is a useful app if you need a bit of guidance.

2. Get a Psychic Reading

I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with my mental health? Well, keep reading. This is another way for you to secure your sense of self, as you’ll be able to hear what your future may hold, and what the implications of your past are. Whether you believe in it or not, a Psychic Reading will help you to think about the future, and we can’t see anything wrong with that. Especially if they tell you that you’re going to win the lottery, and buy a private yacht.

3. Exercise kindness

This one doesn’t require too much spirituality, but it is deeply important to the Buddhist tradition. Exercising kindness will not only improve the lives of those around you, but you’ll see it come back into your life as well. Though we can all be a bit worried about interacting with strangers, helping someone you don’t know will make you feel great afterwards, too. Win-win, good karma all around.

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4. Reconnect with your body

Reconnecting with your body, and giving it all of the nutrients and love that it needs, will give you a more positive all-round aura, and affect your life in more ways than you can imagine. Ditch the alcohol in favour of something that your body really needs, and remember that it really is something worth looking after. It’s yours, after all, and you’ll be navigating the world in it for the foreseeable future. So give your body some love!

So, there are four things that you can do to utilise spirituality, and improve your mental health in the process. Recovery from any mental health issue is ongoing, and always a process of coming back to yourself. Trying some of these things could help you to not only spend more time on yourself, but also strengthen your connection to others. So give them a try, we’re rooting for you!

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