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Lucy Turns Pages: The TBR Purge

The TBR Purge

I am at the point when I no longer look at my books with excitement. I am not jumping to pick any of them up. I feel like my tastes have become more specific. When I have been looking at books that I would like to get that I have been listing on my Amazon page, I have noticed that I am choosing a lot less in some genres than I would have in the past. I feel like I am at a crossroads; trying to find which types of books I love and want to read more of. I am finding myself wanting to get new books and not really read the ones I have on my shelves. However, I want to give these books a chance so I have come up with a TBR purge challenge if you will.

I am going to start picking up a book at a time from my shelf and read the first chapter, as you do in the try a chapter tag. I can’t always decide whether I want to read a book based solely on the first chapter but there have been books that I have instantly realised that I do not mesh with the writing style and that is absolutely fine. If I find that I do not like the writing style, I will put that book aside, although I will likely give it at least two chapters. If I am not sure whether I want to read more of a book, I am going to aim to read two to three chapters and see how I go.

If I am finding myself not enjoying any of these books, I am going to put them on my ‘to give to someone else to enjoy’ pile. I am hoping that I will also find my favourite types of books throughout this process. I will likely update you all on my journey and let you know how I go! I will probably read new books in between TBR books but I am excited to sort out my book collection. Have you ever done a TBR purge? How did it go?

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