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Lucy Turns Pages: Pokemon Clothing & Accessories Wishlist

Pokemon Clothing & Accessories Wishlist

Lately I have been wanting to get some new clothes for my wardrobe, including ones based on some of my favourite fandoms such as Pokemon. I had a look on Amazon and found several items that I find super cute and would love to add to my collection.


Who doesn't love a pair of socks? I wear trainer socks around the house and to sleep in. These Pokemon socks are absolutely adorable and I would love to have them in with my supply of socks.


These gloves are so cute! They are fingerless so you can still use your phone etc. but they will also keep the rest of your hands and arms warm at the same time. 


I found two Eevee purses! For those who love pink, this pink Eevee purse is perfect. It is so cute! The comic strip themed Eevee purse is also sweet and I feel that both of these would reach a wide audience. However, if I had to choose one, it would definitely be the pink purse!

Pikachu T-Shirt

This sleeping Pikachu t-shirt is simple yet cute and it looks pretty comfortable. I could wear it in the day or as sleepwear. 


I practically live in leggings. These Pokemon starter leggings are so pretty and would look great with just a plain white top. These would be fun to wear when I feel like sporting one of my fandom loves.

Pikachu Dress

I quite like print skater dresses. They typically feel nice and I just love the look of them. This Pikachu dress just looks awesome and I definitely would like some new dresses to wear.

Squirtle top

I love Squirtle, he is one of my favourite starters. This simple design just looks really sweet and I would love to wear this, especially in the summer!

This Pokemon bag is one of the bags in the Pokemon Loungefly collection. I absolutely love the look of Loungefly bags and if I had to choose one that I would use a lot, it would be this simple black handbag with an adjustable strap.

What would be on your clothing/accessory wishlist?

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