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Lucy Turns Pages: Life/Blog Update June 2019

Life/Blog Update June 2019

Hi everyone! I have some important things to get out and I wanted to update you all on what is going to be happening.

Mental Health

Firstly, an update on my mental health. As some of you may know I have been slowly coming off of my medication for depression and anxiety after having made a lot of progress. At first I didn't really notice a difference but as time went on, I started to feel some dips in my mood and some returning symptoms. I am working hard to battle these with the tools that I have learnt from therapy.


This leads me into an update on my blog. So recently my blog and social media has been creating negative feelings in some aspects for me. Some aspects have disappointed me and because of how invested I am in all of this, it has made me feel bad. So I am taking a bit of a step back from parts of blogging. I am going to be posting book reviews because I intend to read a lot more and I want to share these books with you all. I will be sharing other posts too. I am still going to be fairly active on Twitter and I am going to be posting on Instagram and just see how it goes. I have got to a time where I need to do things more for myself, for my own fulfilment, happiness and relaxation. If something is making me feel negatively then I need to tackle that.


I love reading. It is just an amazing experience. It is relaxing and fun and gives my mind something different to think about. I am aiming to read a lot more often, every day if I can. I want to read more YA contemporaries, YA mysteries and fantasies so if you have any recommendations please let me know!


I used to play video games a lot. In recent years I have had times of feeling distanced from video games. However, I am now excited to play some new games and become invested in different worlds again. Rather than thinking about the games I need to 'complete' I am going to try to play games that I just feel like playing and that I think could be fun. I want to get back to enjoying games again.


As some of you know, my career goal is to become a teacher. I am hoping to complete my qualifications and training as soon as possible and to take part in extra qualifications. I am really excited about this goal and from experience that I have gained in the area, I just know that I am going to love teaching. It is going to take some time and a lot of hard work but as they say anything that is worth having, is worth working for.

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