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Lucy Turns Pages: Bookish Gift Guide!

Bookish Gift Guide!

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Hi everyone! I recently saw some cute bookish items and I wanted to create a guide so that others know about these products too!

1. L is for Library Tote Bag- I love libraries. I borrow a lot of paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks from my library and I regularly recommend books that my library does not currently have so that myself and others can enjoy these books. This bag would be perfect for carrying my library books in as I take them home to read.

2. Library Puzzle- What I love about puzzles is that once you have made them you can get special puzzle glue that sticks the pieces together. You can then put the puzzle picture in a frame and display it. I think many book lovers would love to have this library picture on their walls!

3. Bookish Pins- I don't know about you but I love pin badges. When I saw these book and glasses pins I immediately added them to my mental wishlist. Book-related pins are a must for many book lovers!

4. Designated Reader Pencil Case- This pencil case can be used by bookworms to store their stationery, whether that be for writing notes, drawing, colouring etc. This pencil case would look cute among any book lover's possessions.

5. Beauty and the Beast Colouring Book- This leads nicely on to colouring books. I love adult colouring books, the designs can be beautiful and it can be relaxing to choose colours and fill in shapes. This is one of the colouring books that I own and love.

6. Book Bookmark- These bookmarks are something that as a book reviewer I would love to use to keep track of my thoughts and feelings whilst I am reading a book. Whatever platform you use to review books or even if you like to just keep notes for yourself, these bookmarks would be a great idea.

7. Light-up Hogwarts- A Hogwarts figure that lights-up?! I absolutely adore the design of the Hogwarts castle, it is one of my favourite features of the Warner Bros; Studio Tour. I know that this would make a great gift for a Harry Potter fan (I even have someone in mind to give this to).

8. Diagon Alley Notebooks- Wordery has a huge range of Harry Potter themed notebooks, including sets related to Diagon Alley and spells. I love notebooks and I love Harry Potter, anyone else?

9. House Notebooks- Yes I am a Hufflepuff! Wordery have notebooks (both paperback and hardback) for the Hogwarts houses. I would love a hardback Hufflepuff notebook for all of my notes!

What do you think of this bookish gift guide? What would you love to get for yourself or someone else?

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