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Lucy Turns Pages: Avon Round-Up: The Latest Offers in Makeup and Skincare

Avon Round-Up: The Latest Offers in Makeup and Skincare

Hi everyone! So I have loved Avon since I was little, it is a brand that my family have always used. They offer affordable make-up, skincare, perfume, toiletries and even clothing. They also run a lot of offers including free gifts! So I was incredibly excited when I was approved to be an affiliate with them! I thought I would do regular round-ups of their latest offers and some of their products so that you guys can see some of their incredible range.

Free eyeshadow worth £15 when you buy Euphoric mascara

Avon True Euphoric MascaraThis mascara is £9 and you get a free gift of an eyeshadow set with it. The Euphoric mascara is for lengthening lash volume with a lightweight feeling.

2 for £6 on hair serums

These hair serums are worth £4-£4.50 each but Avon are currently running a deal where you get 2 hair serums for £6, saving £2/£2.50 and effectively paying £3 for each one.

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum - 30mlDeep Restore Hair Serum - 30mlUltra Smooth Hair Serum - 30mlUltimate Shine Illuminating Serum - 30ml

First up is the argan oil hair serum which hydrates damaged or dry hair and makes it feel stronger and more luscious.

Secondly, we have the deep restore hair serum which can be used to reduce hair breakage, repair split ends and smooth frizzy hair.

There is also the ultra smooth serum which uses avocado oil and shea butter to help to reduce breakage and frizz.

Finally, we have the ultimate shine illuminating serum which works to produce a
vibrant, powerful shine that can last all day. It also smooths dry ends and reduces frizz.

Elephant shadow lamp

Elephant Shadow LampThe next thing is this elephant shadow lamp which is £6 for one or 2 for £10. This can be a cute accessory for any room.


They also have a number of sales on at the moment, including items that are £2 or less such as body spray, body washes, body lotions, parfum and deodrant. There is even this rose gold foot file:

Foot Works Rose Gold Foot FileBlack Suede Hair & Body Wash - 250mlBlack Suede Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - 50ml

Prices range from 99p to £2 so if you are looking for some cheap toiletries check them out!

Hand care

Avon have a range of hand gels, washes and creams to look after your hands, prices begin from just £1.

Radiant Rosewater & Shea Butter Hands & Body Scrub - 200mlAnti-Ageing Firming Hand Cream - 75mlNourishing Cocoa Butter Hand Cream - 75ml


Avon also have a make-up sale with prices from £1 for a variety of different forms of makeup. Another example is this matte lipstick reduced from £8.99 to £6, there are also other colours available.

Avon True Delicate Matte Lipstickmark. Epic Lipstick - Summer Editionmark. Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette - Rock and Stone

There are so many other sales and products that I could cover but then this post would be way too long. I genuinely love Avon's range and affordability and I wish that I could just talk about everything they have to offer because they do have some really great deals.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this little round-up and then I will do more of them! If you'd like to check out Avon, all you have to do is sign up and you can start ordering from Avon today. Thank you for reading my post!

I use some affiliate links in this post, these links do not impact the price but I do receive a small commission if you use my link!


  1. I love the Avon lipsticks. I think I'm going to have to treat myself to some more shades. Thank you for sharing

  2. oooh a lovely round up of products!