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Lucy Turns Pages: Learning French Journal #9 Small Talk

Learning French Journal #9 Small Talk

Hi everyone! I've been trying to teach myself French for a while and I thought it would be fun to create some blog posts as I go along to help myself study so I will be doing regular posts on French. In my last post I discussed talking about your job. In this post I will be looking at making small talk and topics of conversation. Please note this is not a study guide, if I make any mistakes please let me know!

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Emotion verbs:

Aimer- to like/love
Préférer- to prefer
Aimer mieux- to prefer/like better
Adorer- to adore
Détester- to hate

These are regular verbs and the accents on the second e change from é to è when you use them in a sentence, except for when the sentences includes nous (we) or vous (you).

Using these in a sentence:

Je préfère- I prefer
Tu préfères- you prefer (informal)
Vous préfèrez- you prefer (formal)
Il/elle/on préfère- he/she/it/one prefers
Nous préfèrons- we prefer
Ils/elles préfèrent- they prefer 

Note: ils is used for a group of males or mixed genders, elles is used for a group of females

To say how you feel about something in French you use le, la or les before the article e.g. Je préfèrez le café au lait- I prefer the coffee with milk

Talking about the weather (le temps):

Question: Quel temps fait-il?- What's the weather like?
Answer: Il fait...
beau- nice
doux- mild
mauvais- bad
chaud- hot/warm
frais- cool
froid- cold
du soleil- sunny
du vent- windy
pleut- raining
neige- snowing

Note: il is used in this context to be like the English it. 

La température est de 12 degrés- The temperature is 12 degrees

To keep in touch with someone:

Où habitez-vous?- Where do you live?
Moi, j'habite rue ... Et vous?- I live on ... Street. How about you?

Donnez-moi votre numéro de téléphone, s'il vous plaît- Give me your phone number, please
Je vous donne mon numéro de téléphone- Here's my phone number

L'adresse électronique/ le mél/ e-mail
@= arobase/à (ah)
.= point (pwaN)

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  1. I love learning French, I'm taking
    a course but there's a lot of free stuff
    on internet. Lots of listening is important.
    Thanks for this little guide..

    1. Thank you and good luck with your learning!

  2. I've tried on and off again learning Spanish (the classes in high school didn't do much for me). I think it's so cool you're blogging what you are learning! Awesome post and idea, I can't wait to see your future updates!

    1. Thank you and good luck if you start learning again!