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Lucy Turns Pages: Three Ways to Create the Perfect Reading Environment

Three Ways to Create the Perfect Reading Environment

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Cosying up with a good book can be one of the most relaxing activities out there. Escaping to a new world and meeting new characters is the perfect antidote to the stresses of your life. However, it can be hard to find the perfect space and time to truly lose yourself within a book - your family might be running around you, or there’s too much noise coming from outside, or you can’t quite get to that comfortable position. As much as you want to read, it’s all too easy to get distracted! If you’ve ever felt jealous of those gorgeous ‘reading nooks’ you see online, and you want to create the perfect reading environment follow the tips below to get started.


It may not be the first consideration that springs to mind, but sound can be the most distracting - or most relaxing - element of a reading environment. Are you someone who can’t listen to anything whilst reading - or do you need instrumental music only? If you’re unable to designate a corner of your house as a quiet zone, definitely invest in some noise-cancelling headphones, and make sure to get a pair that are as comfortable as possible. Even better (though it will take a bit more effort), perhaps there’s a little space - a tiny room under the stairs, or even an airing cupboard - which you can transform into your own nook. If you do this, have a serious think about soundproof panelling! They’re usually used for recording studios, but nothing is better at creating the perfectly calm reading environment.


Once you’ve chosen your place to read and sorted out any sound issues, you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible. Make sure you can clearly read with cheap reading glasses to prevent any eyestrain. Then, think about your surroundings. Sure, you could just read in bed - but why do that when you can have a dedicated space to go on your adventures? Furthermore, reading in bed can actually be uncomfortable as you have to hold your book up or otherwise shift about. For the greatest comfort, think first about back support. It might seem boring, but aches and pains are the most distracting thing. Cushions and supportive chairs are always worth considering. As an extra treat, get yourself a special page holder to relieve the pressure on your poor thumbs.

Atmosphere and Lighting

Finally, you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere for your reading nook. This is a tricky one - you don’t want harsh, bright light glaring over you, but at the same time it can’t be so dark that you cannot read easily! Candles might seem like a good idea, but steer away from them as the flickering light can put extra strain on your eyes as you try to read and even give some people headaches. A few smaller lights are a great option, as you can adjust the lighting by switching them on and off as required. Decorate your reading environment with literary pillows, hangings, pictures and even pot plants to make a truly immersive space in which you can read and relax.

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