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Lucy Turns Pages: A Remote-Worker's Guide to Small Business Success

A Remote-Worker's Guide to Small Business Success

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With so many businesses, ranging from small to huge corporations, going to fully remote work rapidly, there has been a huge learning curve for founders, CEOs, and employees. If you haven’t already, go ahead and read the blog about how to set up a successful small business. While that guide still pertains to setting up a business, you may want to consider these tips on how to maintain your small business success while many of your employees work remotely.

Protect your physical goods

Keep your physical property safe. If you have a physical product or service, you may not spend as much time at your warehouse or storage property as you did before you migrated towards a more remote workforce. Simply put, this means you aren’t checking on your goods or property as often. If you have anxiety about the safety of your tools or products, have a closed-circuit television system installed. CCTVs are more of a deterrent than many other security options, and you can monitor the TVs from your home. Check out Securafit’s website if you’d like to learn more about CCTV installation to help keep your small business property safe, especially if you’re working from home more.

Interact more with employees

Check-in with your employees often enough that they feel like they’re part of a team still. When working in the same environment, there’s a sense of shared interest and goals, and when that’s suddenly ripped away, it can feel a bit like everyone is tending to their own individual goals. There’s no more office banter, and you can’t just stop by an employee’s desk randomly to say “hi.” Now, it’s purposeful. Leading a small business is difficult even in the best of times. Now, it’s even more difficult. Not only are colleagues working remotely, there’s an underlying sense of “but this wasn’t planned.” To put some of your workers’ fears at ease, make sure to lead with intention and reach out if you feel like someone needs a little extra interaction.

Stop playing defense

It’s time to play offense. Over the past several months, many businesses have hunkered down and maintained the status quo. Many startups and small businesses have thrown in the towel, but if your business is still maintaining a small level of success, it is time to amp that up. How? There are several ways.

First: hire now. Because many people are looking for new jobs, the perfect time to hire a great candidate that you might not have otherwise had a chance to find is now. There are incredible hires available, so take advantage of them to strengthen your team. Next on your offense list, market harder to reach more people if you financially can. And finally, look at the customers who are continuing to pay you through the past several months. What is unique about them? Is there a commonality you can take advantage of to acquire more customers? Alternatively, you may want to consider offering them an additional feature or product that they would be willing to pay for.

Remote work has changed the landscape of the traditional startup or small business environment. Take advantage of that to make it your small company even more successful.

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