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Lucy Turns Pages: Preparing Your Small Business for the Return of Exhibitions

Preparing Your Small Business for the Return of Exhibitions

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The coronavirus pandemic has thrown businesses around the world. Hardly any of us were prepared for the rise and spread of a deadly pandemic and the social isolation and social distancing measures that would come hand in hand with it. Over the past four months, many of us have been unable to operate, or have been operating online on a remote basis. Sales have plummeted for the vast majority of brands, as companies are having to limit operations and consumers aren’t as willing to spend due to high rates of unemployment and reluctance to spend money that could be essential for necessities if they do lose their jobs. But the good news is that restrictions are slowly being lifted and things are gradually getting back to normal. As things begin to get back into motion, you’re going to have to work extra hard to get your brand noticed, to reestablish yourself and to make as many sales as possible to make up for lost time in some capacity. This is where exhibitions could come into play! Now, exhibitions aren’t opening back up quite yet. But this is a good time to start preparing for them. Here are a few pieces of information that can help you along the way!

What Is an Exhibition?

First, let’s clear up what an exhibition actually is. The official definition outlines an exhibition as a public display of something of interest. Business wise, you can use an exhibition to display your stock, entice new customers and make some sales on the day. You can then secure regular customers who are impressed with your products or services. No matter what kind of business you run, chances are there are some sorts of exhibitions out there that will be perfect for you. Each will have a specific theme. There are food exhibitions for food and drink brands. There are pet exhibitions for pet companies. There are clothes exhibitions for fashion brands. You name it, there’s an exhibition out there for it. Finding the right one for you is ideal, as you are essentially investing in access to a demographic who are actively looking for (and buying tickets to enter) exhibitions selling your wares.

How Does an Exhibition Work?

If you’re attending an exhibition, you will generally rent a stall or space within a hall alongside a number of other businesses. People who are interested in your area of specialism will buy tickets to enter. You will need to make your stall space stand out from the crowd with products from this website. Then, on the day, you can raise brand awareness and make sales!

Keeping an Eye Out for Upcoming Events

Sure, there might not be events right now. But keep an eye out for upcoming ones as exhibition halls reopen and are able to get back to business. Sign up to their mailing lists for notifications to secure your spot as soon as possible.

As you can see, exhibitions could prove great for getting your company back on track. Hopefully, they will reopen and get back to business pretty soon!

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