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Lucy Turns Pages: Support UK independent bookshops without leaving your home

Support UK independent bookshops without leaving your home

This post contains an affiliate link, if you buy books through this link, I may earn a commission from Bookshop, whose fees support independent bookshops. All views are my own.

We all know the feeling of entering a bookshop and being swept away with the view of all those books, all of those worlds waiting to be explored, all of those stories that have been loved by others before us and may be loved by us in the future. 

I love exploring bookshops but unfortunately due to the current situation many of us have not been able to go to bookshops to the extent that we may have before. In the US, there is a website called Bookshop where you can buy books online and support independent bookshops. They announced that a UK site was coming and I was eagerly awaiting for it to open. Bookshop's UK site is now up and running with so many books in their catalogue (the only book I haven't found so far is a pre-order book but they do say that their catalogue is updated automatically so I expect it will be added). The prices are great for most of the books that I have looked at so far and best of all, through every purchase you support independent bookshops, publishers and authors. 

When you buy through Bookshop you can choose to support a specific bookshop, if you do this, the bookshop gets a 30% commission which is amazing. If you don't, 10% is put into the pot to distribute to all of the independent bookshops that are signed up with Bookshop (there are quite a lot but I am hoping that there will be more in the future!). 50% goes to the publisher who then pay the author. I like the idea that you can support a specific bookshop or choose a different one each time. I also appreciate that 50% goes towards the publisher and my hope is that the publisher will be able to pay the author more through this.

As someone who loves books, I really like the idea of supporting independent bookshops and authors through every book purchase without having to leave my home. I know that through Bookshop, these precious bookshops will be receiving some extra money that will really help them out.

Bookshop shows a counter of how much money that has been raised for bookshops through the website and I love seeing that go up. 

If you would like to check out Bookshop (and I really hope you do because this initiative is so great), I have an affiliate page that I would love if you checked out. 

Thank you for reading this post, I just wanted to share this website further because I really love the idea of it.

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