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Lucy Turns Pages: The Water Dragon

The Water Dragon

The Water Dragon 

It was another windy chilly day on the coast of Cornwall
A boy no older than ten
To look between the rocks
Of a luscious sandy beach
Searching for mysteries
As yet unsolved
Looking for creatures
To behold
He spends an hour
Prodding the beings
Inside the pools
Then he sees something glowing
Between misshaped stones
An oval-shaped treasure
A strange looking egg
What’s it doing in the water?
The boy questioned in his head
Carefully, he picked it
Put it in his pockets
And off home he went
With a secret

When he was alone
He took out the egg
Placed it in front of the fireplace
Whilst his parents were in bed
It didn’t look like a chicken’s egg
And why would it be in water?
Maybe it fell off of a ship in the ocean?
The egg felt cold
Was it meant to be warm?
The boy kept the egg
In a bed made of straw

Three weeks passed
With not even a crack
The boy began to think it was empty
Then one evening
Whilst reading in his blanket
The boy heard a noise
From underneath his bed
Eagerly he looked
And pulled out the box
Peeking inside
At the egg he found by the shore
The boy gasped
It was finally time
A crack ripped the surface
Of his treasured find
The boy stared confounded
Watching the egg
As slowly more cracks appeared
The boy watched it instead of going to bed

It was nearly morning
The boy was falling asleep
When he heard a low roar
He opened his eyes
No one would believe
What the boy saw
On the floor by his bed
A slimy little creature
Scales on its arms
That looked more like wings
Pointy tiny ears
And a long tail
A spike on its end
Two nostrils
And two beady eyes
This certainly was one spectacular surprise
It looked like a dragon
But that could not be
Maybe the boy fell asleep
And began to dream
The boy rubbed his eyes
The creature remained
He pinched his arm
Nothing changed

Not knowing what to do
The boy did what you do
When you meet someone new
“Hello.” He whispered
The dragon let out a caw and stepped closer
Its feet tipped with claws
The boy put out his hand
Not knowing what to expect
He hoped for the best

The dragon tentatively moved closer
The boy felt its breath
Heat on his hand
The dragon edged towards the boy’s shaky hand
It gave a low rumbled and looked at his face
The boy smiled
“It’s ok. I won’t hurt you.” The boy assured the creature
The dragon reached out with it’s nose and nuzzled the boy’s finger
The boy giggled
And gently stroked
The little dragon’s head
“Where did you come from?” The boy questioned.
The dragon only roared
“I’d like to be friends.” Said the boy
The dragon again nuzzled his finger
“Is that a yes?” He asked
The dragon cawed
The boy laughed again
He’d made a friend
From hope and belief
He’d found something special
An adventure was about to begin

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