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Lucy Turns Pages: Five Ways To Store Books When You Have No Space

Five Ways To Store Books When You Have No Space

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The most obvious way to store books when you have no space is to get an e-reader. These can be a great option for making sure you always have something to dip into. Very few book lovers, however, would want to give up paper books completely. With that in mind, therefore, here are five ways to store books when you have no space.

Make customized shelving

If you buy ready-made shelving, the chances are you’ll be stuck with squares and rectangles. If, however, you make your own shelving, it can be whatever shape and size you want. Making and fitting shelves can be done with few skills and fewer tools. You just need a decent timber merchant for the wood.

If you’re worried filling up your home with shelves will make it look cluttered, then you can relax. Firstly, you’ll probably be clearing piles of books from random places. This alone can help to make your home look more spacious. Secondly, books are good to look at. They create a feeling of cosiness. That’s why you can get wallpaper which looks like shelves of books.

Turn picture ledges into bookshelves

This is essentially a twist on the previous tip. It can, however, allow you to make use of really narrow spaces. Usually, the best approach is to choose your slimmest books with the most attractive covers. Essentially, you’re creating a gallery wall of books while keeping them accessible to read. This can work really well in hallways.

Use bookshelves as room dividers

This one is particularly helpful in studios. It can also be very useful in houses which need to have multifunctional rooms. That’s pretty much all of them these days. You need to choose your bookshelves with care and make sure they have appropriate support. With that taken care of, however, bookshelves can be an effective and convenient way to zone a space.

Once they are filled, bookshelves provide both privacy and soundproofing. At the same time, however, the gaps between the books and the top of the shelf above help to keep a sense of openness. What’s more, the books act as decor so the overall effect is softer than using a solid divider like a wall or curtain.

Hit the floor

Slide books under your furniture. If your furniture pieces are low to the ground, put the books on their sides. You may find it best to use a tray with low edges or even a picture frame. This can make it more convenient to get them in and out. If you have more space under the seat, then you can literally use the floor like a bookshelf. This can work very well under beds.

Turn books into furniture

Obviously, you need to be a bit careful with this but it can solve two problems at once. If you stack your books carefully, you can use them as tables. Generally, small stacks work best and you would use them as side-tables. You might want to put a tray on top (or at least some coasters) to protect your books.

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