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Lucy Turns Pages: The best way to increase blog traffic

The best way to increase blog traffic

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So I have been blogging for a while and I have tried different sources of traffic but the best one that I have found so far is Pinterest! Now I know you've probably heard about Pinterest or even tried it. It is a notoriously difficult platform to crack but with the right tools, time and energy, it is possible to explode your blog traffic through Pinterest. 

The tool I'm talking about is a Pinterest guide that I started using last year. I am still getting traffic from pins I made over a year ago using this guide! And I know that if I had kept making pins and had the time and energy to keep making them regularly, I would probably have a lot more traffic now. I know bloggers who have been able to join Mediavine advertising due to getting massive traffic through Pinterest. 

I highly highly recommend this guide as it goes through everything you need to know to get way more clicks on your pins and to be picked up by the Pinterest algorithm.

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