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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: On Virgin Moors by Alexandrina Wilson

Book Spotlight: On Virgin Moors by Alexandrina Wilson


Title: On Virgin Moors
Author: Alexandrina Wilson

The Unity holds dominion over the breadth of space. And now, at last, they've set their sights on the final prize. That prize is Essegena - a planet at the farthest edge of the universe, ripe for human habitation and yet completely untouched.

But all is not well on Essegena. Three of the colony's pioneers have vanished without a trace, and in their place a man has appeared who - according to all the records - simply does not exist. Worse still, the infant colony is beset with concerning reports of mysterious lights in the distant trees, shadowy phantoms haunting the edges of their nascent home, strange noises from high up on the cliffs.

The colonists need to stay united if they're to make Essegena a success story - but with ambitious vipers around every corner, they've never been more divided.

Once they dreamed of a fresh start, far away from their former lives. Now that dream is fast becoming a nightmare.

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Author bio:
Alexandrina Wilson is an author and poet. She made her authorial debut with 2021's "On Virgin Moors", the first in her sweeping space-fantasy epic series. Between books, she makes time to write a brand new poem every week too - and when she's not writing, she's probably reading. She lives in Hereford, in the UK, and greatly appreciates her geographical proximity to the local cider makers.

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