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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Amulet of Wishes (Chronicles of the Guardians #1) by Rita A. Rubin

Book Spotlight: Amulet of Wishes (Chronicles of the Guardians #1) by Rita A. Rubin


Title: Amulet of Wishes (Chronicles of the Guardians #1)
Author: Rita A. Rubin
Genre: YA Fantasy
Available on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Booktopia


The Guardians are the protectors of Aloseria. They are the keepers of the peace and they have a unique ability–they can turn into dragons. Derek Draco is one of them. Haunted by the memories of his past, Derek comes across a piece of a mythical amulet, said to hold the power to grant wishes once all three pieces are brought together. Seeing an opportunity to right the wrongs of his past, Derek sets out on a journey to find the rest of the amulet, along with his friends, Jared and Arabelle. However, Derek is unaware of the true power of the amulet and using it to fulfil his seemingly innocent wish could have disastrous consequences.

This book includes:
  • Dragons  
  • A high stakes adventure  
  • Magic  
  • Lots of queer characters  
  • A healthy dose of mystery  
  • Characters that are morally grey

Praise for Amulet of Wishes:
“Rubin weaves a compelling fantasy full of dragons and darkness. It’s not just an exciting romp – it’ll touch your heart as well.” – E.M. Wright, author of SEDITION.

Check out Rita's website with links to buy the book here!

Content warnings for Amulet of Wishes:
  • Violence
  • Blood & gore
  • References to childhood abuse
  • Brief description of corpses
  • Sexual references
  • Brief mentions of suicide