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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Gathering of the Four by A.E. Bennett

Book Spotlight: Gathering of the Four by A.E. Bennett


Book Title: Gathering of the Four 
Author: A.E. Bennett
Genre: Fantasy
Available on: /

Book description:

"In the Realm, every citizen knows their place." 

Leora of Mae is a young woman orphaned at birth and raised on a remote farm. As a wielder of Xanthcraft, her abilities set her apart from her adoptive family and the other villagers. 

Shortly before her twentieth birthday, she learns of her family’s plot to sell her into servitude. Fearing for her life, she flees from the only home she’s ever known—defying societal conventions and breaking the edicts of the Realm. 

As she runs, Leora meets Roland Shallowbrook, a traveler on the Thieves’ Road; Lady Aurora Verte, daughter of a powerful member of the gentry; and the White Rider Leopold, a soldier with a secret. 

Together, this found family will have to band together to survive. 

Set in the distant future during the return of the Hale-Bopp comet, Gathering of the Four is the first book in the Serrulata Saga. 

Author Bio:

A.E. Bennett (she/her) lives in Washington, D.C. She is originally from North Carolina.


Twitter/Insta: @aebennettwrites

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