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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Soul Tempest by Stuart Greystone

Book Spotlight: Soul Tempest by Stuart Greystone


Book Title: Soul Tempest
Author: Stuart Greystone
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
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In the space of a single day, Axel Knight accidentally freezes his school, punches a monster (badly), then watches a mysterious police officer annihilate that monster with a snap of his fingers.

As weird days go, that was only the beginning.

Now a recruit in the Otherworld Police Department, Axel soon finds this new world has everything he’s ever wanted: swords, true companions, mythical creatures, big fireballs…and a league of soul-powered warriors, sworn to protect the innocent.

The problem? Axel’s ‘powers’ come in only one fiery flavour: chaotic destruction, with no hope of control. As Axel desperately fights to earn his place at the academy (and not explode his friends), a wave of strange monster attacks sweeps the globe, and the Otherworld’s most feared crime lord plans to steal a power greater than any other…

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