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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Father Daniel’s Compendium of the Undead by Alan McGill featuring Book Trailer!

Book Spotlight: Father Daniel’s Compendium of the Undead by Alan McGill featuring Book Trailer!


Book trailer:


Title: Father Daniel’s Compendium of the Undead (A Cry in the Moon's Light)
Author: Alan McGill

Companion novel to A Cry in the Moon’s Light


A Guide to the World of A Cry in the Moon’s Light

Father Daniel and his Right Hand of God Order are a secret society fighting hideous creatures of the night. For decades, they’ve gathered relics and created weapons at a place called the Forge, located in a silver mine deep below the abbey on Feldberg Mountain. The monks compiled this compendium at the abbey in hopes it may help you understand the story that is A Cry in the Moon’s Light.

This tome is Father Daniel’s attempt at dispelling myths, retelling legends, and digging deeper into the characters and places you love from the story. There are detailed descriptions, over seventy-five illustrations from various artists, and even spoilers where the past and future collide!

Author bio:

Alan McGill is an American author who lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania with a clowder of cats. Alan was close to his grandparents who grew up in the Great Depression. They were married young and remained together until his grandmother’s passing. His grandfather served in the Navy during WWII and was a gifted storyteller who weaved humorous tales about tough events. Alan grew up with these stories of right and wrong along with watching fictional heroes such as The Lone Ranger, Adam West’s Batman and Captain America. Heroes who stood up to bullies and protected those who could not protect themselves. This made an impression on the author to always do what was right in his own life and shaped his love for storytelling. He is a multi-genre author with his debut novel being A Cry in the Moon’s Light which is a horror romance and mystery series. As with all his books, one of the primary themes involves characters who strive to do the right thing regardless of the adversity they face. The second theme present in all his books is love. A pure and deep love that defeats all evil.

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