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Lucy Turns Pages: On the wait for answers and what's next?

On the wait for answers and what's next?

Hi everyone. So as you might know, I have been dealing with ongoing debilitating symptoms that could be a chronic health condition. It seems that I might have to wait longer for answers than I had anticipated which is frustrating and upsetting. I am seeing if there is anything else I can do but in the meantime- if this is something chronic I know that reducing stress and anxiety is important in any treatment plan so I am going to try to rest and relax as much as I can. 

As the future is uncertain, I have been thinking of contingency plans- what can I do in case this is something chronic? 

One thing I would love to do is to be able to make a regular living from my blog, as I may not have an alternative means of income in the future. 

I love writing and I would dearly love to make an income through doing something I love. I also have a newer blog that I started, where I am going through grammar and teaching points for English Language teaching, based on my CELTA qualification experience. I started this to help me to revise what I learned on my course and to keep improving my knowledge. It would be amazing if I could monetise both blogs.

I immensely enjoy writing posts for both of my blogs. Through my experience in the blogging community, I believe that one way of consistent monetisation is through advertisements. In order to apply for the ad service that has been recommended by fellow bloggers, my blog/s have to reach certain criteria, including page views.

I'm not sure if I can ever reach these statistics. I have tried Pinterest and SEO strategies in the past, as well as social media. This may (almost definitely) be an unrealistic goal but if I could attain this, I would have one less worry on my plate.

If you like my writing, please check out other posts on this blog, as well as my teaching blog, if you are interested. Please share any posts you liked and return regularly if you would like to. It all helps!

If you are a blogger and you have any advice, please feel free to DM me on Twitter or email me at!

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