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Lucy Turns Pages: Join my little community on Ko-Fi!

Join my little community on Ko-Fi!

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to say that I have set up a monthly membership option on my Ko-Fi page. You can choose to support me from £2 a month up. You will get:

-A shout-out at the end of every blog post, including your name and website or author page link (you can opt out, this excludes book spotlight posts)

-Access to an exclusive Discord server to chat about books, health, games, writing/content creation etc.

-Regular reading sprints by message on a dedicated Discord channel

-Vote/contribute to upcoming content e.g. helping me decide my next read, blog post or topic to write a poem on

-Sneak peaks into any upcoming plans

-Monthly book club: help choose our book and chat about it on Discord

-An individual shout-out on Twitter once a week

-A shout-out in a monthly supporters blog post which can include your links and work and this will be shared on social media

-Regular updates from me about books, life, health etc.

-Direct message me to request blog posts and tweets and if possible, I will try to create them

If you'd like to support me in this way, thank you so so much, I have no words but it is really appreciated and it will really help me. I hope that anyone who joins this little community will have a lot of fun and feel like it is a safe space to chat and hang out. If you'd like to join, check out my membership page here. Thank you for all of your support in any way- comments, sharing posts, retweets, kind words. Everything means so much to me.

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