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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Review: Kodi by Jared Cullum

Book Review: Kodi by Jared Cullum

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Title: Kodi
Author: Jared Cullum
Genre: Graphic Novel

Kodi is a graphic novel about a girl who finds a bear and it is a story of love and friendship and just how far will one being go to find their friend?

Kodi is an absolutely adorable book. The story is told in beautiful watercolour pictures and the emotions of the characters really bounce off the page. It felt like I was reading a script for a children's animated film, reminiscent of some Disney classics. I laughed and I felt sad. This book made me feel so many emotions. 

I loved the plot of the story, as well as the characters who felt well-developed and realistic. The story had multiple levels to it and I feel that the author did this really well.

The only issue I had with this book is that I wish that we had been given more insight into Katya's home life and family situation. It is hinted at within the book but we are never really told what has happened. 

I would highly recommend everyone to read this book! It's a short read but one that will leave your heart feeling warmed and your mind grateful that you read it.

My rating: 5/5 stars

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