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Lucy Turns Pages: Reviewing Things That Have Helped my Mental Health In the Past

Reviewing Things That Have Helped my Mental Health In the Past

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Hi everyone. Today I wanted to write a post about mental health. If you don't know, I deal with anxiety and I have done for years. I've tried various strategies in the past, most of which didn't last but there was a period when some things actually helped and I saw a noticeable improvement in my anxiety and mood. I wanted to review some of those things here so that I can prioritise doing these things regularly again and in case it might help any of you.


I was fortunate enough to participate in a mindfulness course and over time I really noticed it helping! Things that helped me include:

Breathing meditation
  • Sit down
  • Close my eyes
  • Focus on my breathing, each time- in and ou
  • When thoughts come, aknowledge them but don't interact- thoughts are like buses, you don't have to get on them. Recognise your thoughts and body sensations but just observe them with kindness, do not interact with them.
Drop things that drain your energy and you don't have to do and focus on positives and good things that make you feel good and give you energy.

  • Stop feeling you need to be productive
  • Recognise bad habits and change to good things
  • Focus on things that make you happy and things you are grateful for

Every day write 10 things you are grateful for

Be mindful in everything you do, enjoy each thing and focus on the positives

  • Recognise small things in life like how pretty something is or how wonderful
  • Focus on what you are doing right then and not anything else, enjoy it

Think of anxiety as just a wonky compass trying to throw you off

Do not interact with the worry, accept it's your anxiety, let it go, go do something else
  • Knowing that if I keep worrying it WILL keep going. 
  • I should not interact with the worry.
  •  Let it go, accept your anxiety and even say to it to bring it on. 
  • The worst that will happen is I will feel unwell and this will pass. 
  • Even if I feel really bad- accept it and it will pass, it's my anxiety.

Try not to seek reassurance

Don't be hard on yourself and put pressure on yourself to do lots of things. It's ok not to do anything.

  • You don't have to do a lot of things
  • You don't have to do anything in your spare time
  • It doesn't matter
  • Mental health is more important

These strategies need to be continued regularly. Even if I don't feel great or I feel better, I must keep them up to continue to see an improvement. Please let me know if you've tried any of these strategies or if you are thinking about trying any.

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  1. The tactics that works the most for me is looking at the anxiety like the « annoying uncle » that comes in unannounce once in a while.. and while it’s storming inside my head; I try to ignore it the most possible. Letting it just storm through but without necessarely paying attention to it; as I know that eventually the storm will stop- usually when I wake up the next day.

    Kristina @