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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Interview: Kyt Wright, multi-genre author

Author Interview: Kyt Wright, multi-genre author

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1. Please introduce yourself (who are you, what genre/s do you write in, what books do you have out)

I started out as a science fiction writer but have written about vampires plus an Edwardian horror adventure and even a tail (sic) about modern mermaids.

The sci-fi novel Sirkkusaga was my first release and the latest is the vampyr adventure-romance, Love Really Bites.

2. What are your favourite books?

So, so many - War of the Worlds, Needful Things, The Lensman series, anything by Terry Pratchett. I could go on for ever.

3. When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I used to write long essays at school then a friend and I both wrote a novelette and proudly presented them to our English teacher, who read them and gave critique (good old sir!). Following that I had a stab at several others then at 17 I had the idea for my magnum opus. I wrote copious notes, drew characters and vehicles (arthritis hadn’t stolen my hands then) but teenage life got in the way.

Many years later, just short of my sixtieth birthday (egads!) I had an epiphany and actually typed the whole thing up, partly from memory, adding more modern technology and new material. The ending became the beginning and a character so minor she didn’t have a name pushed her way to the front to become the titular MC of my first novel.

4. What is your favourite part of the writing process? What is your least favourite and how do you get through it?

I enjoy writing tremendously but I find going back over the finished article to add new material (while correcting bad phrasing) very rewarding.

Writing a synopsis that doesn’t turn into essay is something I really struggle with.

5. What is your writing routine?

I don’t really have one - that said I spend several most evenings tapping away on my laptop.

6. How do you balance writing (and everything else to do with it) with the rest of your life?

I still work (from home since the pandemic) but find time for writing after all the family stuff. The biggest drain on my time is this social media thing, I constantly find myself trying to write while flicking back and forth between twitterstergrampressbook and now I have discord to prevaricate with!

7. What inspires you? How do you beat writers block?

I have a lot of life experience which I can draw on. I read a lot and am a nut for trivia, occasionally an idea will just pop into my head (I have several simmering away now)

As for writers block, I will just go away and do something else – I have even started a new story. This worked very well, I self-published two novellas while trying to write my latest novel.

8. How do you keep consistent/write a lot?

I never set myself deadlines and just let the writing ebb and flow.

9. Does anyone read or edit your work before publication? If so, how did you find them?

A friend whose opinion I value, my eldest son, and my wife; who tuts a lot at the erotic stuff then suggests a better way to say it – she sent a rough copy of my first novel to my eldest who was in South America at the time. He contacted her in horror to ask if she knew I had written sex scenes!

10. Can we have a sneaky look at your future plans?

I am working on my first steampunk novel. It’s set in a world of primitive electrical devices and explosive crystals that are used to power steam engines and firearms. It has a sort of 18th-19th century setting, tricorn hats, long dresses etc. and follows the adventures of a mysterious female brigand who is a sort of Robin Hood figure.

11. Finally, what advice would you give to other writers (inspiring, those publishing and those published)?

The same I always give when asked;

You’re never too young or too old to write.

Write what you want, for yourself.

That you’re doing it is the most important thing of all.

And never give up!


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