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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Interview: Casey Bell

Author Interview: Casey Bell

1. Please introduce yourself (who are you, what genre/s do you write in, what books do you have out)

My name is Casey Bell. I am a published author of different mediums and genres. My Teen/Young Adult books are "The Diary of Stephanie," "4Score," and "The House on Atticus Lane," which is also a horror fiction. My fictional books are, "The Family of Strangers," "Essays of Dysfunctional Families: Literary Betrayal," “The Wishing Bottle”, “Crystal Fountain,” and “Buried Lies, Surface.” My non-fiction books are, “Moving 4Ward,” my memoir, “To College or Not College,” “Men Are Dogs: A Book for Single Ladies,” and “4 Keys to Success.” I also have compilation books, “Poetry from the Other Side,” “Art by Casey Bell,” and “Casey’s Song Book.” Lastly, my children’s books include: “You Are Beautiful,” “How to Love Your Bully,” “The Day the Rainbow Broke Up,” and “American History Series.”

2. What are your favourite books

 I enjoy reading Agatha Christie.

3. When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Technically, I never wanted or intended to be an author. I wasn’t the best Reading, Writing, and English student. In 2003 I was watching a film on television and it inspired me to write my first book. I did nothing with it because I thought for sure no publishing company would even consider reading it. In 2006 I went to a self-publishing workshop at my church and that is how I started publishing books.

4. What is your favourite part of the writing process? What is your least favourite and how do you get through it?

My favorite part of the writing process is knowing I am about to share a journey for an enthused reader. The process of typing and editing is not fun. I simply do it. I usually have to prep talk myself before starting.

5. What is your writing routine?

I do not have much of a routine. I write and some times edit in between. Some times I take notes to make sure I am making sense when I write. Other than that, I generally sit down and type out what is in my head.

6. How do you balance writing (and everything else to do with it) with the rest of your life?

I usually have a day or two off from work. I am not a full-time writer yet. I simply schedule time within that day of when I will be writing. I discipline myself to do it even if I do not fell like it because I know that is the time I have set aside for writing.

7. What inspires you? How do you beat writers block?

Life inspires me. I can see two people having a conversation and write a whole book, play, or film from what I see. I never have to hear the conversation. I combat writer’s block by either taking a break and going for a walk. Seeing life happen inspires me, I write backwards (writing the end and then allowing the rest of the story come to me), or I look at social media. There is always someone sharing all of their business that I can use as content.

8. How do you keep consistent/write a lot?

I am not actually all that consistent. I write when I know I have something that needs to be said. I usually write it in my head first and make sure the message is strong enough to share the story.

9. Does anyone read or edit your work before publication? If so, how did you find them?

I have a freelance editor (Michael Valentine). I did an online search and checked out his reviews before agreeing to hire him.

10. Can we have a sneaky look at your future plans?

I am a man who stays present. I do not plan much for the future as no one is promised to the future, nor does anyone know what the future holds. As per my writing, I have ideas, they are not complete in my mind, so when they become complete and I write them, I will not think about when they may or may not come to fruition.

11. Finally, what advice would you give to other writers (inspiring, those publishing and those published)?

Be as unique as your fingerprints. Never change who you are or what you do to match someone else. You have an audience who will enjoy you and your work as you are. Never compare yourself to another writer, you have no clue what road they have traveled that caused them to be and do what you see. Be happy being unique. It is the only way to success as a writer. When you get to the point to where you cannot, ask, how can I and the idea will come to you. Be kind to yourself and everyone else. Kindness is a seed that bares great fruit. Love all no matter what. When you speak or leave comments, make sure they are kind. If you have nothing kind to say, say nothing.


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