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Lucy Turns Pages: Enhancing French Lessons With Your Child

Enhancing French Lessons With Your Child

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Are you in the process of helping your child learn French? Whether it’s because you have any plans to emigrate or you simply want to make sure that your child has the experience of learning another language, it’s a very admirable thing to teach. However, while rote memorization and repetition are important, it’s not the only way to learn. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you can enhance those French lessons, bringing new dimensions to them that might make them stick a little more easily.

The virtual approach

Rather than going back and forth with each other, a great way to make sure that you’re broadening the language learning experience for your child is to incorporate some of the language apps that can help teach them in a different way. This can include apps that are all about helping expand and practice their vocabulary, others that focus more on grammar and proper pronunciation, and even those that have some games to make learning more engaging than pure memorization.

Engage with French media

If you ask many people who speak English as a foreign language how they managed to get so fluent, one of the most common responses you will hear is that they spent a lot of time dipped into English-speaking media. You can do the same for your child with French cartoons, French movies, French fairy tales, and you can even look up some of the more popular French kid’s YouTube channels to find content that helps them glean and absorb more and more of the language together.

Make a trip

What’s even better than being immersed in media? How about being immersed in the place itself? With Paris school trips, not only can your child be so thoroughly surrounded by French that they’re a lot more likely to absorb it in by sheer osmosis, but they can also get a lot more engaged with why they might want to learn the language in the first place. Having experiences of art, culture, exploring the city that so many fall in love with, and even meeting some people along the way can ignite a love of the place and its language that will redouble their resolve to learn.

Talk to more French people

You might be able to hold something of a conversation with your child, helping them learn bits and pieces of French but, if you’re not fluent, then you can’t provide an authentic experience of regularly talking one-on-one in the language that they’re supposed to be learning. Finding a French tutor online, even for only part-time learning, can help them improve their ability to speak the language accurately and to better pick up what they hear. As with the other recommendations, it also gives them another way to absorb the language passively as well as more actively through the lessons that you provide.

Whatever you do, it’s important to make sure that you’re able to fit a little variety into your lessons. The examples above can give you some ideas of how to do that.

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