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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: The Wheel of the Gods: Bronze Age Priestess by K A Langfeld

Book Spotlight: The Wheel of the Gods: Bronze Age Priestess by K A Langfeld

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Title: The Wheel of the Gods 
Subtitle: Bronze Age Priestess 
Pages (ebook): 42 
Author: K A Langfeld
Genre: Fantasy
Available in ebook and paperback (also on Kindle Unlimited)


1921, an excavation of a mound in Jutland, Denmark, unearthed the remains of a young woman buried in a tree with luscious grave goods and a yarrow flower. 

2015, the highly unusual discovery became an archaeological sensation. 

1370 BC, this is her story... 

1370 BC, Morgana prepares for an arduous journey. When she dances the Wheel of the Gods, the Gods ignore her. After 500 miles of a treacherous trek, will her faith be strong enough to meet her destiny?

Author bio

At a young age, I fell in love with space and time when an encyclopaedia told me that the flow of time is personal. I am now Professor in Theoretical Physics at a research-intense University in England. I spend time with Mathematics and large computers to unlock the hidden beauty of nature. My work has let me spend time at many beautiful places around the globe, where I met interesting people. I have fond memories of Korea, the US, France, and England, where I live now with my wife. We have two grown-up children who have started building their own lives.

My second passion has always been creative writing, but it took a pandemic and a lockdown to get me started. Having a fair share of academic publications, mainly in Physics, I always thought my debut project would be Speculative Fiction or Sci-Fi. To the surprise of my friends, it became a short story in Historical Fiction. No regrets.

Please visit my webpage at or talk to me on Twitter @kalangfeld. I also have an Instagram account with the same handle.

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