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Lucy Turns Pages: A Look At... Regency Romance Books with Strong Female Protagonists by G. L. Robinson

A Look At... Regency Romance Books with Strong Female Protagonists by G. L. Robinson

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G. L. Robinson writes regency romance books. If you like Bridgerton, you'll love these books! Below are some of the books:

Can Horace the Cat Save the Day?

The perennially lazy and late Lord Devin is astonished when a petite virago called Wilhelmina accuses him of selling an unfit horse to a drayman. He isn't aware of the irregularities in his stables. Later, she foists a stray, starving kitten called Horace on him. But Hermione, his betrothed, hates cats. And Horace hates her.

Where will it all end? Will Horace have to go? Will Wilhelmina be able to save the ill-treated horses in London? Will everyone end up with the right partner?

This charming Regency story, set against the first Animal Rights Act of 1822, will warm your heart and make you smile. And Horace... well, you'll want to take him home.

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The Only Regency Ever with a Hero on the Asperger's Spectrum!

Everyone thinks the Marquess of Hastings is odd. Elisabeth likes books more than men. A marriage of convenience. What can possibly go wrong?

Nowadays the Marquess would probably be described as being on the Asperger's Spectrum. He's good looking and rich but his lack of social skills make it hard for him to find a much-needed wife. He scandalizes the ton by putting an advertisement in the newspaper describing the type of spouse he requires and the marriage of convenience he envisages. Amazingly, he finds a suitable candidate. Elisabeth is an impoverished gentlewoman with literary aspirations.

But can this oddly-assorted pair possibly co-exist, let alone find happiness? This novel is a gently amusing look at an unusual but endearing Regency couple.

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Can a Haughty Earl Find Love in the Country?
When a handsome gentleman driving his curricle much too fast splashes a country girl with mud, he's not expecting to find the love of his life.

She's affronted by his haughty demeanor but can't help being attracted to him. She is manipulated into accepting his proposal, though he's not altogether straightfoward with her.

Then a long-kept secret threatens their happiness. Whoever said the course of true love ne'er did run smooth was definitely speaking about this couple!
Though it can be read as a stand-alone novel, The Earl and the Mud-Covered Maiden is the first book in the House of Hale Trilogy. It introduces characters you will love to follow as they set out on their rocky path together.

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Héloise Says No: A Regency Romance

Can an Earl marry a courtesan?

The lovely and mysterious Héloise Ramsay is available... for a price. The Earl of Dexter is prepared to pay it, and more, but she refuses him. He knows she's had other lovers, so why not him?

This is the story of a woman who makes a mistake in her youth, and finds that someone in her circumstances has no choice but to sell her only asset: herself.

Told against the background of a family fleeing the French Revolution and making its way the best it can, this story celebrates a strong woman who will do whatever she must to ensure a safe future for those she loves.

You will admire Héloise, love the varied cast of characters who populate her life, and sigh with contentment when she achieves the happiness she deserves.

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Is Financial Security More Important Than Love?

Torn between her desire for independence and the prospect of a rich but lonely existence, can lovely widow Imogen Mainwaring decide to accept a man who everyone knows is a womanizing rake?

When Lord Ivo Rutherford offers Imogen Mainwaring his “protection”, she knows very well what it means, and it isn't marriage. She angrily refuses and turns instead to investing in the burgeoning railway industry and making money on the London Stock Market. Lord Ivo wants to forget her, but when he meets her again in London some months later, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her.

Is he prepared to change his way of life and can she keep pretending she's happy on her own?

Read Imogen or Love and Money to see how these two very unlike people sort out their differences in this witty 1830's Regency Romance.

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The Ugly Duckling Meets the Gothic Novel

A plain governess, a romantic Miss, a stern but handsome guardian involved in a midnight chase, a woman dressed in britches and a gloomy castle. Throw in a bit of Vivaldi and some French philosophy, and you have it all!

If Rosemary can't control her wayward pupil and prove her worth to her guardian the Earl, her future is very uncertain. When Marianne's father dies, she and her governess Rosemary are forced to go and live with her guardian the Earl of Tyndell. The Earl has strict ideas about how young ladies should behave. He isn't impressed by the romantic notions Marianne has absorbed straight from the pages of a Gothic novel. And her governess is not only dowdy but perfectly ready to put him in his place, especially regarding his ideas about the education of women. But when the Earl's interest in Rosemary blossoms just as Marianne falls in love with the last person he would ever agree to her marrying, where will it all end?

Read Rosemary or Too Clever to Love to see how this tangle is sorted out. In spite of its light hearted and often humorous tone, this charming novel raises questions about women's education and philosophy. Book Group discussion topic have been included at the end.

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Will Her Appearance Prevent Her from Finding Love?

Orphaned Cecilia Beaumaris, a very tall and serious young woman, wants to open a school for poor girls in London's East End. She isn't looking for a husband. In fact she thinks no reasonable man would want her, as tall as she is.

Frivolous Tommy Allenby, Earl of Broome doesn't want to marry any of the women his grandmother has pushed at him. but when he and Cecilia are thrown together at a party, he offers a solution to both their problems.

Will this unlikely pair somehow get what they desire…. together, or apart?

Read Cecilia or too Tall to Love to see how this puzzle is untangled. Told against the background of the development of public education in England, the protagonists of this this charming and witty Regency Romance are sure to entertain you.

Dealing as it does with questions of body image and societal expectations, this novel also includes Book Group discussion questions.

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Amelia Organizes Herself Into Trouble!

She's a born organizer and a redhead to boot. Can she get everyone around her marching to her tune?

Amelia and Aurelius are orphaned twins. She's a bossy, fiery red-head. Her handsome brother wants to join Wellington's army. But she wants him to become a diplomat. She talks her way into a man's job - as secretary to an aristocrat - hoping he will provide the contacts. Along the way, she forces him to pay attention to the horrors of working conditions in the factories and in so doing makes an enemy of a wealthy mill owner.

Then when her boss disappears and her brother joins the army anyway, can Amelia save them both?

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