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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: The Demagogue Wars by C. Elmon Meade

Book Spotlight: The Demagogue Wars by C. Elmon Meade


Author: C. Elmon Meade
Genre: Dystopian thriller


"As many return to their pre-pandemic lives, we have yet to fully understand the aftermath of COVID-19. For C. Elmon Meade, questions about the impact of new variants led him to ruminate about the future. The result is this dystopian thriller that tackles religion, politics, and culture wars. “My premise going into this work was what if the events of 2020 not only continued for 100 years, but actually got worse," Meade said. 

In “The Demagogue Wars,” Meade envisions a world in which political parties have devolved into tribalism, identity politics go unchecked, the Americas, Europe and Africa have become socialist states, technology controls warfare, and disinformation reigns supreme. In this version of America’s future, disparate rebel factions join forces with either alien or Heavenly beings to combat a Communist hegemonic power in a world besieged by decades of pestilence, war, and death. “The Plan” will be revealed to an indigenous girl while the world braces for annihilation!"

#FeedMyReadsAwards2022 Sci-Fi Novel of the Year


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