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Lucy Turns Pages: The Curse's Light Book Review

The Curse's Light Book Review

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Charmed meets Beautiful Creatures with LGBTQIA+ rep

If you love Charmed, Beautiful Creatures, witches, curses, LGBTQIA+ rep, loveable characters and an action packed plot check out this book!

We follow Skylar and Will. Will is running away and accidentally finds himself trapped in a town. Skylar believes there is a curse on the town but no one believes her until she meets Will.

The mystery of how to break the curse keeps you reading and is very intriguing. Skylar is an interesting character and you really want her to be happy. She truly wants to help people despite how she is treated. Will is a supportive friend and struggling to work out his life after a break up. It's really nice to see the relationship between these two characters develop!

There are lots of different sexualities and relationships depicted in this book which is brilliant. This includes gay, lesbian, asexual, aromantic and bisexual representation.

Another thing that is great about this book is that you even become invested in the side characters and their relationships! I was really rooting for two side characters in particular.

This book was really enjoyable and I'd definitely recommend checking it out. It was a quick read with a gripping plot and complex characters, full of magic and intrigue.

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