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Lucy Turns Pages: My current reading plans

My current reading plans

Hi! So the genres that I am interested in keeps changing! Last year (and some of this year) I read a lot of middlegrade (mainly fantasy) that I really enjoyed. I also read some graphic novels/comics and a lot of Spy x Family! This year I have been reading a wider variety of books. 

I was working on reducing my physical TBR which I have done! I was reading a lot via audio but for some reason I have lost interest in audiobooks for now and I am really into reading on Kindle! 

So on my Kindle I have some books in different genres. As I have been more in a mystery mood, I separated my Kindle books by genre. I have some fantasy romance and some middlegrade that I need to get to at some point.

I've been reading the Detective Kosuke Kindaichi books and I'm finding them to be great page turners. At the moment I really feel like reading more Japanese detective books, then some biology/nature books.

What are your current reading plans?

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