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Lucy Turns Pages: Baby Steps by Hazel Meredith-Lloyd

Baby Steps by Hazel Meredith-Lloyd

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Title: Baby Steps
Author: Hazel Meredith-Lloyd
Genre: Contemporary commercial fiction/women’s fiction/Romcom
Where to read: Kindle Unlimited or buy on Amazon in e-book or paperback


Jenny has cystic fibrosis and diabetes. She has a colour coded list of things she wants to give to her future children, but her genes aren’t on it.

As she and her husband Kyle navigate the challenges of the adoption process, their best friends, Helen and Jake, fall unexpectedly pregnant.

Can Jenny convince the adoption panel that she and Kyle can cope with looking after her health conditions as well as parenting two children who’ve had a difficult start in life?

Moreover, can best friends stay close when one has thrust upon them what the other longs for?

Inspiration for the book:

I have cystic fibrosis and diabetes myself and wanted to write a book where the main character is living and thriving with health conditions. I am close to people who have experienced adoption and through that and my work, I have thoroughly researched this area to bring together alternative aspects of family life in a relatable, realistic and uplifting way.

About the author:

Hazel Meredith-Lloyd has wanted to be a writer as far back as she can remember, but it took her accidentally enrolling on an amazing English Degree to realise that she should just get on and write.

To her surprise, people seemed to enjoy reading it, so she is going to keep on writing and performing her poetry, prose and carefully highlighted to-do lists until her pen runs out. Then she’ll buy another pen and write some more.

Hazel has appeared on BBC radio and performs at poetry events and slams. She has been shortlisted by the Primadonna Prize and Poetry on Loan and longlisted twice by Penguin Michael Joseph. She has been highly commended by The Literary Consultancy. Her husband also thinks her writing is okay, but he doesn’t like to go on about it. Twitter/X, Insta and Threads: @novelcharacters

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