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Lucy Turns Pages: Cosy Games I've Been Enjoying 1

Cosy Games I've Been Enjoying 1

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I've been getting really into playing cosy games lately. For me this encompasses relaxing games that I can pause and put down at any time, cute graphics and objectives to aim for on a smaller scale. Here are some cosy games I've been enjoying lately (I'll be posting more about cosy games in the future!).

Cult of the Lamb (PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5)

This is the game that kicked off my recent burst in wanting to playing cosy games. This is a game with adorable character graphics and dark humour. You play as a lamb who creates a cult, you have to build and grow your community and area and explore and battle in quick dungeons. There are lots of goals to work towards like unlocking all of the upgrades for your area and defeating all of the bosses, as well as getting new animals to join you. Highly recommend! 

Roots of Pacha (PC, Xbox, PS5)

Roots of Pacha is like Stardew Valley but in the stone age with adorable animals like mammoths! You farm, explore areas, gather materials, cook, explore dungeons and there are some riddles. There are events and you can unlock things like areas and new seeds as you progress through the game and seasons. This is such a relaxing game and the animals are so cute. You can have some as pets and some as farm animals. As you play you get points for selling things and you can use these points to get buildings, items and upgrades. I love this game!

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is like a cosy RPG. It has stunning pixel art. I don't want to say too much as to spoil the story because I feel like it's better to go into this not knowing too much. Let's just say that I became invested in the beautiful friendship very early on. There is also a mysterious plot I can't wait to uncover. The areas are beautiful, you have a team and you fight enemies and bosses. Check this out!

So those are three cosy games I've been enjoying lately. Have you played any of these games? Would you like to? What cosy games have you been enjoying?

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