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Lucy Turns Pages: An Impossible Dream by Ellie Lieberman

An Impossible Dream by Ellie Lieberman

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Title: An Impossible Dream 
Author: Ellie Lieberman 
Genre: Fairy Tales, Historical Fantasy, Coming of Age 
Where to read: available as paperback, ebook, & through KU (! Can also be ordered through your favorite indie bookstore or local library! 

A story of friendship, love, survival, and dreams, even when they seem impossible... Sare has survived fifteen years playing the perfect little servant, but can she survive the castle? After all, nowhere compares to the castle and no one compares to the King. 

Inspiration for the book: 
It's a Cinderella story following an important character who is only really mentioned in book 1, Be, but books can be read in any order! 

About the author: 
A New Jersey transplant, Ellie Lieberman currently resides in California. Ellie Lieberman's books include children's books, short stories, novels, and more. When not writing and illustrating, Ellie works with the fairies on her handmade business, Acorn Tops!

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