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Lucy Turns Pages: A Look At Moonlight Love and Witchcraft (Crimson Tears)

A Look At Moonlight Love and Witchcraft (Crimson Tears)



“I love you. And I need you like the blood in my veins. Without you I wouldn’t be me.”

A werewolf and a vampire with an unbreakable bond. A cute witch fleeing her home for a crime she may or may not have committed. A burning desire for something more between them.

Years after becoming a vampire, Logan is finally on track to their goal: Making it big in the music industry with the support of their band and their girlfriend Kay, protector of the local supernatural community. For all its issues, with her by their side, Logan’s life is perfect. But when a new girl comes to town, Nemo, everything abruptly becomes much more complicated and Logan can’t ask Kay for help anymore. Because to do that, they’d have to admit to her that they’ve fallen for someone else…

Nemo, having fled her home for a crime she totally didn’t commit, finds a welcome distraction in Logan’s friendship. But her thoughts quickly become haunted by them and their gorgeous girlfriend.

As Kay realizes that what’s going on between Logan and Nemo exceeds the bounds of friendship, she has to make a choice: Keep her partner all to herself, or encourage them to explore their feelings, and explore her own. To let love make them one, or perhaps tear them apart.

This is a cozy, low stakes romance. There is no plot other than cuteness, cuddling, and emotion. This is intentional, as is Nemo being hyperactive and excitable. As two authors with ADHD, we are happy to bring our own identities into our characters, and those of our friends. Please keep these things in mind as you read the book, as they are literally the meat and bones of it. If you are looking for a high plot romance with a lot of conflict and brooding, introspective characters beaten down by the world at age 25, this not the book for you.

To those looking for ace rep, cuddling, cute vibes, and neurodivergence, happy reading!

Available on Kindle, in paperback and hardback

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