My Top 5 Goals Right Now

I love goal setting. I have so much that I want to do but I have to be careful not to overwhelm myself with too many! I wanted to create a post about my goals right now. Some are ongoing, others to focus on now and others to work on a bit later on.

1. Study for my dream job

 I said in an earlier post about wanting to get into teaching. I am currently working in education and I find it so fulfilling. My dream is to teach English as a foreign language (EFL). To do so, I need to study a variety of things. One very important thing is grammar. Typically in English schools we learn a lot less about grammar terminology. I remember learning very little about grammar when I was at school. So the first part of my first goal is to study grammatical techniques and learn the vocabulary. Secondly, I am going to be doing a relevant qualification to gain more knowledge, experience and to boost my CV. I am planning on doing a series of posts about my journey!

2. Grow my blog

I love my blog so much. Since I started my blog, it has grown to a level that I never imagined I would reach. I admittedly took a semi-hiatus from blogging but I have been regularly posting for a while now. I am going to be continuing this, with posts on a variety of topics, including, books and self-development. If there are any posts that you would like to see, please comment below!

3. Read often

I love reading but I don't do it as much as I would like to. Reading is such an amazing experience but I find it difficult to just get myself to sit down and read. When I do read, I really enjoy it so one of my goals is to read more. If you have any tips for reading more please let me know!

I am mostly planning on reading fantasy books. I have some thrillers and historical fiction on my shelves but I think that fantasy, featuring romance, will always be my favourite. I would love to be reading on a daily basis and complete a lot of books. This is something I am going to keep working on!

4. Replay my favourite games

I used to play games all the time. Then I kind of lost some of my enthusiasm for playing games. Recently I decided to replay some of my old Pokemon games. I have started with Pokemon Platinum and I am enjoying it so much! The nostalgia, the cuteness, the fun... this is why I previously played games and I am happy to realise this again. Games are there for fun, not just as something to do and complete. I do have some games left to complete but I am going to be focusing on playing whatever I feel like and when I want to. What games do you love?

5. Learn a language

My dream is to teach English in another country. To do so, it would be great if I can speak some of the language of my destination country. I only really learnt one other language at school and it can crossover in my mind when I am trying to learn now. I have a lot to learn but I am going to do it. I currently have apps, as well as a language book to help me. If you have learnt another language, let me know what your tips would be!

So those are my top 5 goals right now. What goals do you currently have?

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