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Lucy Turns Pages: Getting Back Into Gaming!

Getting Back Into Gaming!

When I was younger I can remember always playing video games when I was indoors. Mega Drive, Game Boy Advance, PS1, PS2. Games were a huge part of my life. With the release of the Nintendo DS, Wii and then 3DS, Nintendo quickly became my favourite gaming brand for a long time.

Then came the anxiety and finding it difficult to relax and focus. I have been a gamer on and off since. There were even times when I just thought that I had lost interest in gaming.

With the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield and of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the gamer in me started to want to play video games again. Yet I couldn't decide what to play, did I replay an old game, complete one that I hadn't finished or try something new?

After a long while, I decided to play Pokemon: Ultra Sun. This is the only Pokemon game that I haven't actually completed and it is a great build-up to the next Pokemon game. I think I just remembered Pokemon Sun so well that it was difficult to enjoy and I also missed the gyms! However, now that I am playing it after some time, I am really enjoying it.

Then I am going to start on a few of the other games I have that I need to complete, including some Fire Emblem games! I am hoping to try some new games in the future but I am excited to finish the games I currently own first!

Do you play video games? What are your favourites?

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