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Lucy Turns Pages: 4 Reasons To Lose Yourself In A Book

4 Reasons To Lose Yourself In A Book

Taking time out is essential for our wellbeing. We lead busy lives and it is impossible to keep up with the pace if we do not prioritise making time for ourselves and deliberately slowing that pace down from time to time. For some people, that time out might be tending to their roses, it might be a session of hot yoga, it might be playing Moto X3M or it might be baking a chocolate cake. It really does not matter what it is that you choose to do to relax and switch off, as long as you ensure that you do make the time for it. For us, it will always be hard to top the pleasure of reading, which is why today we wanted to share with you 4 reasons to lose yourself in a book.

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Reading allows you to travel the world and live a thousand lives

You can sit and read a book and travel the world without ever leaving your armchair. You can be an archaeologist, a detective, a princess, a gamer, a pet owner and live in a little cottage right beside the seashore all within just a few weeks.

Reading allows you to live vicariously through the book’s characters and plot line. You can learn so much about how people choose to live in this world, or in an entirely new and fantastical place. Characters can take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you live their lives with them and lose yourself in their stories.

Reading improves your memory and boosts your education

Through books your vocabulary increases and your writing skills improve. You will encounter new words and ascertain their meaning through the text around them and you will, often subconsciously, improve your grammar.

Reading also serves to boost your imagination, enhance empathy and of course you learn things through the subject matter of every book that you read.

Reading is an inexpensive hobby

One of the great things about reading is how inexpensive it is.

Books are completely free if you use libraries regularly. There is something so satisfying about browsing all of those shelves and selecting a stack of books that you fancy reading and then taking them all home without having to spend a thing.

If you prefer to use a Kindle, there are always plenty of free books available to download so you do not need to spend anything or even leave your house to get hold of reading matter in this way.

Even if you choose to buy books, they are not particularly expensive, especially if you opt to buy second hand. Everyone has different book-buying habits and you can usually indulge your passion every payday without going broke.

Reading is good for your health

You have probably got to this point on the list and are already convinced that you need to pick up a book this evening, but we will throw this final point into the ring. Reading is actually good for your health.

It lowers your blood pressure, it reduces stress and anxiety, it helps you to get a good night’s sleep and there are even links to suggest that it can increase your life expectancy.

Go and grab that book right now!

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