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Lucy Turns Pages: Books That I've DNFed This Year

Books That I've DNFed This Year

DNF stands for Did Not Finish, it is a term used commonly in the book community to describe a book that someone has started reading but they didn't enjoy it and end up putting the book down, usually permanently.

I have DNFed quite a few books this year. A lot of this was due to sorting through all of the books that have been on my shelves for years. There were some that just were not for me anymore. I also picked up some new books that had been hyped and I just did not like them myself. There were also problematic issues in a lot of the books that I DNFed this year. Overall, I feel that I have just read so many books that have disappointed me this year. I am hoping for a better reading year next year! I thought that I would make a post about some of the books that I have DNFed this year and explain some of the reasons why I decided to stop reading them. (Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, if you love any of these books then that is awesome!)

Furies of Calderon

This is one of those traditionally popular fantasy books that is often recommended. It reminded me very much of Game of Thrones, but for a younger audience. It started off interesting, with deep characters and mysterious magic but then things started happening in the plot that were kind of ridiculous, even in this fantastical world and there were elements that just did not need to be there. I feel like this book needed some improvements but maybe that is just me. Overall, I couldn't help but compare it to Game of Thrones and it did not live up to that name for me. I felt that things could have been done better, some of the characters could have been developed better and have been more realistic.

Storm Glass
As some of you may know, Poison Study is one of my all-time favourite books. This book is the fourth novel in that series, The Chronicles of Ixia and the first book in a new trilogy. It is set in the same world but follows a different main character, one that we were previously introduced to. If you haven't read that trilogy, be warned of spoilers following this sentence.

This book follows Opal, a girl who was victimised in the past. She doesn't perceive herself as having much magic in a world where magic is heavily praised. Opal has been in magical school for four years due to her part in the previous book but she is bullied due to her not being able to cast the same magic as the other students. The thing is, throughout the book Opal's powers grow and develop but she still doesn't feel like she is good enough. I hope that towards the end of the book Opal starts to believe in herself and is able to lead a happier life. The thing that stopped me reading was the romance. We are introduced to Kade, a man who can control the storms. I feel that his character seems to match very well with Opal's. He wishes for her to believe in herself. They have good banter and seem to click well. Kade is consumed by grief and does not wish to feel that pain again so the two characters part for a while but I believe that Kade will appear again! Later on in the story, Opal meets a man she used to know when she was younger, a man who admired her older sister. Opal likes his company and is happy that he seems to like her for who she is. But there is just no chemistry. The conversations became cringey. I did not like this love triangle.

Poison Study had a sweeping romance and I thought that Storm Glass would be the same. I was disappointed with this potential romance thrown in with Opal comparing herself to her sister. There were characters that liked her for who she was! Then the characters spent ages finding materials to build a factory and it was just monotonous. Slowly I lost my interest and enjoyment in reading this book.

Other books that I have DNFed but do not have too much to say about:

In short, these books had issues that I just did not enjoy and I didn't want to read these books anymore.

Have you DNFed any books this year? 

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