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Lucy Turns Pages: PS4 Games That Should Be on Your Radar!

PS4 Games That Should Be on Your Radar!

The PS4 has been around for a while but I have not managed to play as many games on it as I did with previous consoles. I wanted to make a list of some of the popular games that I have heard of/ some that I would to play. Please let me know your thoughts on these games and any games that you would recommend!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This game comes out in March 2020. I never played the original but I have seen gameplay of it. I actually played Crisis Core on PSP which is set just before this game. I have to admit that I preferred Zack to Cloud but it would still be interesting to play this game and find out more about this famous character.

Spyro Trilogy Reignited

I have only played one Spyro game, it was on Gameboy Advance and I loved it. You had to find fairies across different worlds. Spyro is such a cute character, I love the graphics and I would definitely like to find out more about this game.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed was very popular back in the day. With the new wave of games, I feel like people are starting to become more interested in this series again. Odyssey is set in a very different location and definitely looks more modern. If you like tactical/fighting/adventure games, this may be one that you would like to check out.

Shadow of the Colossus

This is a remake of the original Shadow of the Colossus game. From what I have seen, it is an epic journey kind of game where you travel across landscapes and fight colossal creatures. It is one that I would definitely like to check out.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted was another popular PlayStation series. This new game was quite hyped. I actually haven't played the Uncharted games yet but I want to check them out. A pirate-esque adventure sounds very cool to me.

Marvel's Spider-Man

For anyone who likes Superhero films, this game seems perfect. There isn't really too much I can say here, be Spider-Man in a game, use his abilities and fight villains. If this sounds interesting to you, then you may like to check it out for your collection.

Persona 5

I have played Persona 3 Portable and I did want to check out Persona 4. Persona 5 is a very sleek new entry into the series and it has been getting some positive buzz. This series features deep story lines with relationship building, dungeons, tactics and battles. If you like character-driven games, this may be a good choice.

The Witcher 3

This is another popular adventure game that reminds me of Skyrim/Game of Thrones. It has an expansive world and all the digital content is included in the complete edition. As well as a possible long-time gameplay, this game is highly story-based. It has received many accolades and seems well loved by a lot of people!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that I have wanted to check out for a while. Its world is fairly unique with gameplay based on using a bow to progress. This game has become one that seems to be renowned as a classic for the PS4. This game looks very interesting but I am just not sure about how smooth the gameplay would be for me personally.

What are your favourite PS4 games?

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