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Lucy Turns Pages: 6 Useful Tips To Help You Write Your Own Bestselling Book!

6 Useful Tips To Help You Write Your Own Bestselling Book!

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As book enthusiasts, you’ve maybe dreamed of one day creating and publishing your own book series. If you enjoy writing mini-stories in your spare time, or the idea of producing a novel is something that’s always been exciting to you, then you’ve come to the right article!

Today, you’re going to be treated to some of the best tips for writing your own bestselling book. Check them out, then use them to plan your book-writing process:

Come up with an interesting story

It’s the obvious place to start, but your book is only going to be good if the story is interesting. People struggle to get the most out of a book if they don’t identify with the characters or feel some sort of intrigue in the story. Obviously, there are so many genres for you to choose from, so that should be your first step. My advice is to stick to a genre that you know and love. If you read loads of fantasy books like Game of Thrones or The Farseer Trilogy, then it seems stupid to release a romantic novel! Select a genre, then ensure you have the basis of an intriguing plot.

Don’t rush the process

The worst thing to do is to rush through the book-writing process. Sure, you’re eager to try and get your book published as quickly as possible. But, the quicker you write a book, the worse it’s likely to be. You shouldn’t be finishing a book within a couple of months. That shows you clearly have not put enough time into it, and this will show in how the story is written. This isn’t something to take lightly, make sure you plan and prepare for a long writing experience.

Do as much research as possible

All of the best writers will conduct detailed research into their books. This could mean you spend months looking through other books and getting inspiration from elsewhere. You may even need to travel to different places to get information on elements of history or to see what life is like in a city that will be the setting of your story. All of this can cost a lot of money, so you have to be prepared for it. Consider a company like Buddy Loans, direct guarantor loan lender, who can help you get some extra cash to finance all your research. You could even set up a crowdfunding page, but you need to have a great story in your mind to really sell to an interested audience. Either way, finance your research and do as much of it as possible to make your book better.

Create the first draft

When you read a book, you forget that the original draft was probably way different from what you ended up reading. Many authors will conjure up an initial draft and realise that so many elements either don’t work or just don’t make sense. When all your research is complete, you can start writing the initial draft. Don’t worry too much about plotholes or specific details at this stage. This is a chance to get the first version of your book on the table for you to read through. No matter how good it is, you’re always going to edit it. Nobody hits the nail on the head at their first attempt. A first draft is essential as it basically provides the backbone for your book.

Edit, revise, repeat

Following this, you need to edit the story, make revisions, and keep repeating until everything is ironed out. It’s a good idea to find a book editor with experience in this field. Ideally, they’ve worked on similar novels in the same genre as yours. An experienced editor knows how books are set up and what to cut out or focus more time on. Plus, they help speed things up and give you a second opinion.

Get feedback

The second-to-last step is getting feedback for your book. Send out some of the finished copies to bloggers or friends/family. This is the first chance you have of seeing how other people respond to your book. I would say sending books to bloggers is the best approach because you get an impartial opinion. Collect their feedback, and this lets you know if any final edits should be made before you look to get it published.

If you want to find a publisher, then that deserves another article in its own right! Thankfully, a lot of indie writers don’t need traditional publishers, thanks to the many ways you can distribute and market books around the world.

On that note, you’ve read all the tips and come to the end of this short guide. If you have dreams of becoming a bestselling author, then this advice will help you get started.

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