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Lucy Turns Pages: Freelancing: Getting your Legal Documents in Order

Freelancing: Getting your Legal Documents in Order

It can be scary as a freelancer, or just getting into the world of freelancing. You are a sole trader, no team members, but the freedom to work when and where you like. However, something that every freelancer needs to keep in mind, is the documentation they need to keep themselves and their work safe. This small guide aims to help answer every freelancers questions when it comes to keeping their work safe!

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What is Your Freelance Business?

The first question to ask yourself, is what is your business? Are you a freelancing designer? Writer? Blogger? Painter? Whatever your skill may be, or skills if you run multiple freelance projects, you need to identify what your business is. Each business has its own set of rules and regulations, and in turn, their own documents and paperwork that you need to keep yourself safe. There are a lot of materials online that help you build a good contract, as this is the first thing you need to settle when closing a deal with a client. The contract is the legal bond between you and the client, so you need to make sure you cover your rights inside that document, and make it clear to your client before you start any work for them.

Use easy to use and obtain legal Templates

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are so many platforms that can help provide the right documents for you in the form of templates. One example is Templafy (, but there are many different places so check them out and the internet to see which documents suit you and your business, and what ones you need in order to run as a business.

Research and Ask Other Freelancers

One of the best tools at your disposal is the huge pool of other freelancers that are in the same boat as you. Research, and have a look if there are any networking groups around where you are. There may be a freelance meet up in the same industry which you operate in, this could be the perfect place to ask others which documents they need and have, and where they got them from. Also, again use the internet, get in touch with other freelancers you see on platforms like Linked In, and get in touch with them. 

Research how to protect your work before you freelance

Last but by no means least, do your research. If you are going into freelancing, make sure you search around and research what documents a freelancer in the field that you are interested need, and then go from there. Without sufficient research you could suffer in the long run. Being underpaid or having trouble with clients, without the prior knowledge your work and yourself will not be safe from stealing or worse. So, regardless what field you are in, take these tips from this article and apply them in real life, and do your research. It is worth it, the more research you do beforehand, the more time you save in the long term.

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  1. This is really good information. I've been researching getting into freelance writing, so this has come in really handy for me. I have been making lists of important information I need to consider and take care of for my freelance career.