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Lucy Turns Pages: English Grammar: Present Continuous Tense

English Grammar: Present Continuous Tense

Hi everyone, as some of you may know, my goal is to become an English Language Teacher. I decided to create a blog post series where I study and review topics that I will need to be knowledgeable about. Today we will be talking about present continuous tense!

Present continuous= I am doing

Photo of Person Walking on Deserted Island

The action is happening now
Examples: I am writing, he is doing, they are working

How the tense is formed:
I am or I'm
He/she/it is
We/you/they are

Am/is/are + -ing

  • Isn't can also be used. For example: it isn't sunny anymore so let's stay in.
  • This format may be used in a larger context. For example: Which book are you currently reading? I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.
  • The event might not be happening at that exact moment. In the above example, the person is reading Pride and Prejudice, they have not finished reading it but they are not reading it at that exact moment. 
  • Dates can be used e.g. today, this month, this year.

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